Small mistake can cause enormous damage!

Damn… Everything went wrong! Twice this week. First – the whole design collapsed because I believed one of the tutorials/help forums on designing UI. I am sure it’s my fault, I should have read the documentation first. Now I know…

Eh… I had to redesign whole interface from scratch. Two days were lost due to this mistake.

Second thing was a stupid lack of thinking while creating few of systems within the game. It sucks because now I have troubles navigating between files. Commenting is a good habit. Also, I do not fully understand the engine I’m working with and that may be the cause as well.

All in all, I have learned that only practice makes you better in stuff you do. Sadly, I can’t practice whole days and there is not really that much I can do about it.

Positive thinking: Now I know what I should do in the beginning.

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