Work, work, work, work, work…

In the phrase „small independent studio” there is only one word that can be misleading: studio.

As I said before, in „we” there is currently only me – founder, designer, developer and tester in one person, so From the Moon qualifies for being small. The same goes with „independent” part – there is no outside pressure on me to create games – I just want to make them.

The „studio” part is a stretch. I’m working on The GameDev after work, at home. There is no time bounds I am kept in, there is no supervisor or anything other than me, my computer and phone. Yes, the word „studio” can be misleading.

Doing the things I love to do

In my case, being independent is equal to being left alone with my project, as there is noone else to do stuff with me. I have a regular job besides creating games and I am also studying on weekends. The combination of 8 hours of work per day (Mon-Fri) and 10 hrs of studying on the weekends leaves me with only few hours of „do what you want” per day, as I need to sleep, eat and somehow travel to and from work. That leaves the time gap even smaller.

Luckily, programming is the greatest activity of all! Seriously. I love seeing my ideas and concepts coming to life via lines and lines of code. Even if there are mistakes and errors, I can fix them, I can make broken code work again.

Experiencing that process of transforming the idea into the code is unique and awesome. Your thoughts are becoming real things and that’s what I love in programming; being a creator, the one who makes something awesome from literally nothing at all.

Creating games is a long process and programmer’s attitude is crucial when it comes to the stressing/boring parts of the job. I always have in mind what I want to achieve and it often pays off.

Being positive makes your work easier, no matter what you do!

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