The Beginnings

It all starts here… Really! We’re starting the development process of our first game. Have I said „we”? Well…

From the Moon is a small studio, very small. There is currently only one person in the team – me! And I am doing all the work right now.

Designing, programming, researching. It’s all on me. It means that the work on the game is going to be slow and long but I can assure you – it’s worth it!

The GameDev

The title says it all. My/our first game will be about the process of game development.

Yes. And my plans for this game are enormously complex: it won’t be a basic „simulator” where you only create a game, sell it, and it is rated based on the genre-theme combination. I won’t spoil anything, at least at this point, because the game is not out yet and I do not want anyone to steal my concepts and create a rip-off games.

I found it very sad, when I saw all the copycats of Bionicl’s Tube Tycoon. I hope you understand my fear. TGD is my project, my baby, which I want the best for…

I know that many things could be done better than I will do them but it’s not a competition for me, it’s hard work on the things I love to do and the constant improvement of both my project/game and my developer skills.

I hope you understand…

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