Games from the Moon

Who doesn’t like playing games? Our games come in two categories: GameJam Games and Fully-Fledged Games. The first category contains game demos, proofs of concept and prototypes made for Game Jams (mostly on Second category doesn’t have any games yet as it will contain finished and polished games and we don’t have any at the moment.
Oh, and the GameJam Games are for free!

Résumé: A Job Interview Simulator

So… It’s the second finished attempt in Game Jams. This time it was Pizza Jam 2 with a theme of Memory. I couldn’t think of anything and came up with a simplest of ideas and turned it into a game. This time I have realized how working with people could help.

Résumé was made in 48 hours and I’m proud of what it became. I hope to develop it further with content updates. For now, the Game Jam Demo Version is available on for free. Check it out, it’s awesome!


That One Super Awesome Level is our/my first game created for a game jam. I felt awesome during the designing, coding and composing soundtrack. TOSAL is a “one-man-job” and I am proud of what I could do in about 36 hours.

I would like to thank people behind 72 Pin Connector Jam for organizing this awesome event! You are the best!

So, what is it exactly?

TOSAL is a platformer game with a small twist that started as a bug. In this game, you can slide on walls what make the gameplay more enjoyable and slightly more difficult as you can’t control how high you are going. Oh! And there is a perma-death…

Be fast, be precise (with not so precise controls) and find your way through the maze-platformer-thingy…