New Mysterious Project

New things happened in the past few months. I was working on two Game Jam projects (both available on the Games page) and started a collaboration with a young chap from US of A on a new Multiplayer title.

Work is in an early stage so I won’t say much about it but I’m pumped! The concept is awesome and the art my partner is creating suits it very well. I hope you’ll love it! More info soon…

The Beginnings

It all starts here… Really! We’re starting the development process of our first game. Have I said “we”? Well…

From the Moon is a small studio, very small. There is currently only one person in the team – me! And I am doing all the work right now.

Designing, programming, researching. It’s all on me. It means that the work on the game is going to be slow and long but I can assure you – it’s worth it!

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