Sometimes it seems impossible

Those were rough weeks… My “real work” was hard as more and more people required my help in fields I was not really good at and knew almost nothing about. Additionally the situation with TGD became worse as I didn’t have enough time to do literally anything with it. In my case no free time = no progress.

It is great to have around you people who care about you and things you do, and I’m glad that I have one standing always by my side and encouraging me to do my best in everything I do. I’m so thankful for my fiancée who is the best person I could’ve ever met and it is that because of her I started working on TGD as she told me to do what I love not what I need…

I listened… kinda…

Sadly, life is never that easy. We still need money to live and my job, even if not fulfilling, provides it.

I would love to work full-time in gaming industry, but I’m not suited for the job yet. I need more experience in designing games and programming them, and I’m on my way to gain it in the best way possible.

The best part of the whole game-creating process is the joy that comes when what you have been thinking of is becoming a reality.

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